Light Factory Studios  new studios available soon

    Workshops and studios for arts , crafts and small business

Founding directors Alex Henebury and Paul Vanstone run the Light Factory workshops as well as  working from here . A cabinetmaker / furniture maker and sculptor respectively. We have established businesses in our own right. In 2009 we decided to collaborate and took on a large portion of a disused warehouse. As craftspeople ourselves  we have first hand experience of the difficulties in finding space. This prompted us to set up the Light factory workshops to provide workspace for  arts and crafts people. A series of  workshop spaces were created with a small communal area.

‚ÄčSubstantial works were needed to convert the clear span building into a series of smaller units.

Our main goal is to provide arts crafts based workspace as we feel it is fast disappearing in London.

We hope to open more workshops in the coming months.

We have taken part in the ArtNW10 trail events and have also contributed some teaching to the local community and school.