Light Factory Studios  new studios available soon

    Workshops and studios for arts , crafts and small business


We are currently creating more workshop studios becoming available over the next 12 months starting from February.

They will range in size from 250ftsq to 400 ftsq and we can create double size units if there is a demand for them.

Prices will vary from £495 to £645 inclusive of vat.

​We are creating an additional 10,000 fits of studio workshops

Pictures aboveare of studios we have recently created and the new spaces will be finished to the same standard.

There will be a series of ground floor and mezzanine units all with good natural light and led lighting.

They all have windows or velux roof windows.

They are well built with good sound and thermal insulation.

We have a variety of studios sizes designed to suit differing artisans needs from heavier crafts / industrial to fine art. Please contact us for available spaces or to go on the waiting list